fixers.press agency is a young and dynamic team of journalists, fixers providing research, pre-production and interpreting services in and around the eastern Baltic region. Founded in 2016, we believe that the strong impact of international media coverage can only be achieved with the help of skilled and experienced local professionals. We work with a wide range of international correspondents, news rooms, documentary producers and media NGOs to prove it.  If you’re a Reporter, Editor, Producer or Researcher looking for assistance in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus or Kaliningrad, please fill in the request form below or, better still, get in touch with us directly.


Our cross-border services will enhance your production with the addition of unreported local stories, unheard voices, legal and/or data reports and the most striking visual encounters in a wide range of unique and exotic locations. After finding out exactly what you need we’ll provide a working plan and a quote. We apply the highest journalistic standards and operate within the boundaries of local regulations and international conventions as specified by the Duties and Rights of Journalists. Our journalists, fixers are fluent in local languages, have an in-depth knowledge of regional affairs and constantly keep up to date with the latest developments in the countries they live in. You can see examples of our work here.


We offer a flexible pricing policy, evaluating tasks by either hourly, daily or flat rates. Our rates usually include salary, labour taxes, working expenses and a service fee of between 10% and 20% depending on our input. Rates depend on the duration and complexity of the project, the commercial or non-commercial status of the project, the number of positions we need to fill and any security issues.

A price list is available upon request and can be obtained here by submitting your email address. We make a final offer only after familiarising ourselves with the project idea and all the necessary details that accompany it. We value transparency, and any factor influencing the price is subject to discussion.

In the beginning of each month we publish a free of charge newsletter called Baltic Agenda. It highlights the most important events and extraordinary stories in the region. To subsribe please share your email address with us here.