is a journalism production house which has developed to meet the global news media demand for local journalists in the Baltics and beyond. We currently offer production, research, and fixers’ services in Estonia, Finland, Latvia, and Lithuania.

Through the years, we’ve developed a set of Skills so as to make the cross-border collaboration on journalism production work smoothly. We offer each of these skills individually, or as a personalised package matching your needs and charge for it flexibly – per hour, per day, or with a flat fee. This way, we are able to do everything we can to make your project work, whether you are a global news media brand, journalism start-up, or freelancer. also offers contributions – local stories, fact sheets, and forecasts in the form of text reports. The Resources  – curated, succinct, and structured pieces of information are available free of charge.

This service is still in development. We are designing it for news and documentary makers working in the region. However, it can be used by anyone consenting to Privacy Policies and adhering to journalistic standards. In the near future, we will be charging a fee for accessing reports to be able to improve the service further. At this phase, we offer two or three original publications per month and invite you to reach out to us with questions and feedback.


Helsinki, Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius