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"Having access to network in the Ida-Virumaa region was invaluable for my documentary project. Their profound understanding of the region's nuances, coupled with their insights into the Estonian-Russian identity, significantly enriched our collaboration. They demonstrated remarkable responsiveness when we encountered challenges, consistently delivering solutions that not only optimized our time but also contributed substantially to the success of my photo documentary. Their expertise played a crucial role in securing unique interviews, gaining access to sensitive locations, and achieving my project's broader goals."

Jérémie Jung

Photographer at Jérémie Jung / Signatures

RSI Telegiornale journalists traveled from Riga through Vilnius and to the EU border with Belarus while asking the most pressing questions on the integration of Ukrainian war refugees, acceptance of Russian speakers, and border tensions.

"I was thoroughly impressed by throughout my reportage on Latvia's depopulation problem. They were responsive and super-helpful from first contact, and the fixer they arranged for me, proved knowledgeable, imaginative and highly efficient, suggesting potential interviewees and fixing appointments. Their organisation efforts allowed me to concentrate on the story, which would have been a lot more difficult - and a lot less powerful - without the help of"

Jon Henley

Europe Correspondent at The Guardian

"I had the chance to work with in Vilnius for 3 days. We were working on two different stories for both radio and TV. The fixer was of great help, well organized, and found the right person to help us illustrate our topic. Not only was the fixer organized, but also helped us with more last-minute requests to find people to talk to and had a great aptitude to introduce the team and the project to the people we needed to interview and explain what we were doing. I recommend working with"

Raphaël Bouvier-Auclair

Correspondent at Radio Canada

"I’ve had very good experiences from working with in Latvia where their knowledge, professionalism and wide network of contacts really was key to a successful story for my broadcaster."

Christoffer Wendick

Europe Correspondent at Sveriges Television

"My thanks from all the team for the amazing research and coordination of our shoot for the Travel Series broadcasted on the National TV Channel TG4 to super ratings in 2022. They listened carefully to the brief and helped bring an efficient, cost effective, hugely interesting, high production valued programme to our audience."

Evan Chamberlain

Executive Producer at New Departures Media

"I was producing an investigative TV documentary and found a very reliable and helpful team with top skills and knowledge in I am very happy with their friendly and communicative support and do gladly recommend them and his colleagues for production in the Baltics."

Christian Bock

Producer / Host at MO.TIVI Media GmbH

"I worked with during the documentary film shoot on Baltic arts. The fixer was in charge of scouting places for interviews and arranging appointments with interviewees. He stayed with the crew as they were in Lithuania, managed the schedule, and handled translation. The fixer was involved in the project, receptive, and very helpful."

Jeanne Lebranchu-Mellin

Production Coordinator at Cinétévé


We offer journalism production, research, and fixers’ services for transnational media, documentary production houses, and freelancers operating in the EU Northeastern periphery. We are used to working in the precarious border area between “Two Europes”: the Baltics, and the region that we call “Near Europe”.

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