In Estonia, the Soviet Heritage Collides with the Need for Energy Transition

Photographer Jérémie Jung met the Estonia's Russian speaking minority in the Ida-Viru region, bordering Russia, where the energy transition is played out against a backdrop of Soviet heritage.

The photo report by a photographer Jeremie Jung (Signatures) and Audrey Delaporte En Estonie, l’héritage soviétique se heurte à la nécessité de la transition énergétique (In Estonia, the Soviet Heritage Collides with the Need for Energy Transition) was published by Le Monde and is available online on only for the subscribers.

Having access to network in the Ida-Virumaa region was invaluable for my documentary project. Their profound understanding of the region's nuances, coupled with their insights into the Estonian-Russian identity, significantly enriched our collaboration. They demonstrated remarkable responsiveness when we encountered challenges, consistently delivering solutions that not only optimized our time but also contributed substantially to the success of my photo documentary. Their expertise played a crucial role in securing unique interviews, gaining access to sensitive locations, and achieving my project's broader goals.

Jérémie Jung

Photographer at Jérémie Jung Photography