Les âmes baltes: Arts, légendes et paysages

The Baltic states first gained their independence 100 years ago. This documentary shows how musicians, poets, and artists built a sense of common belonging and heritage in these young nations.

The documentary Baltic Souls: Arts, Legends, and Landscapes (Les âmes baltes: Arts, légendes et paysages) was commissioned by Musée d’Orsay and produced for the exhibition with the same title dedicated to the 100 years independence anniversary of the Baltic states. The film was broadcasted by ARTE. The link to the documentary page on IMDb.com and the trailer.


I worked with fixers.press during the documentary film shoot on Baltic arts. The fixer was in charge of scouting places for interviews and arranging appointments with interviewees. He stayed with the crew as they were in Lithuania, managed the schedule, and handled translation. The fixer was involved in the project, receptive, and very helpful.

Jeanne Lebranchu-Mellin

Production Coordinator at Cinétévé