Lituanie-Kaliningrad: les frères ennemis

Since 2014 Russia's invasion into Ukraine, Lithuanians have been afraid of being next on the list... Especially, because of their neighbour Kaliningrad, an over-militarized Russia's exclave. "Avenue de l'Europe" traveled to both sides of this high-risk border.

The news report Lithuania-Kaliningrad:Frenemies (Lituanie-Kaliningrad: les frères ennemis) was produced for the France3 News show Avenue Europe (Avenue de l’Europe). The full report in French is available here.


I really recommend Gil Skorwid. He has done a fantastic job as a fixer in Kaliningrad. He is proactive, clever, well connected and involved in the story. He is a curious and cultivated person, happy to meet with people and great to travel with. It was a real pleasure sharing this experience with him.

Frédérique Maillard

Journalist at France3