Without Enough Latvians, We Won’t Be Latvia: Europe’s Shrinking Population

When Margarita Skangale was a teenager in the late 1970s, there were 1,200 pupils in Viļāni high school. When her son was young, the queue outside the children’s clothes shop – assuming, this being the Soviet era, it had any stock – stretched down the street.

The feature report ‘Without Enough Latvians, We Won’t Be Latvia’: Eastern Europe’s Shrinking Population written by Jon Henley, the European Correspondent for The Guardian. The full report is available here.


I was thoroughly impressed by fixers.press throughout my reportage on Latvia's depopulation problem. They were responsive and super-helpful from first contact, and the fixer they arranged for me, proved knowledgeable, imaginative and highly efficient, suggesting potential interviewees and fixing appointments. Their organisation efforts allowed me to concentrate on the story, which would have been a lot more difficult - and a lot less powerful - without the help of fixers.press.

Jon Henley

Europe Correspondent at The Guardian