News on Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania in English

  • November 25, 2018

Online sources for English news, analysis, commentaries, features and reports from the Baltic States: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The list consist of the following sections: news agencies, regional media, Estonia in English, Latvia in English and Lithuania in English.

News agencies, Baltic News Service is the only pan-Baltic news agency providing daily news from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in English. Some content is free of charge for registered users, but most articles are available only to subscribers. The Lithuanian News Agency ELTA provides paid English news from Lithuania and some articles related to the other Baltic States to subscribers. A free 14-day trial version is available. The Latvian News Agency LETA provides daily news from Latvia and occasionally the other two Baltic States in English. Some articles are free of charge, but it mainly provides paid services.  A free seven-day trial version is available.

Regional media Transitions Online is a source for news, research and analysis on the post-communist region. It has separate sections for each Baltic state, where one article per country is published each month. Some of the articles are free of charge, although most the content is available only to subscribers. The online version of the Warsaw-based bi-monthly print magazine New Eastern Europe which focuses on Central and Eastern European affairs and that sometimes publishes exclusive reports or analysis on the Baltic States. Some of online content is free of charge, although all of the print-related material is available only to subscribers. The online version of the Stockholm-based quarterly magazine Baltic Worlds. Its content is focused on the Baltic Sea region and Eastern Europe and is available without charge. The magazine and the website contain peer-reviewed material written by researchers and, features and interviews by professional freelance writers. The English version of the website of non-profit organisation The Baltic Center for Investigative Journalism Re:Baltica. It focuses on socially important issues, such as corruption, crime, finance, entrepreneurship, health, human rights and disinformation. Some of its investigative reports are published in English and Russian and are available for free. An online travel and culture magazine focusing on history and contemporary cultural news from the Baltic States. It publishes a couple of articles, analysis, interviews and podcasts in English each month and all of its content is available for free.  A Northern European English language magazine covering politics, foreign policy, music, art, design, architecture and culture that also produces its own podcasts and videos. The magazine publishes a couple of articles each month and is free of charge. A regional business news portal providing news from Latvia but also analysis of Baltic and global social and political events. Its news is available free of charge in Russian, Latvian and English. (temporarily unavailable in July) The regional news website of the German print magazine Baltische Rundschau available in English and German. It covers the Baltic States, but also Scandinavia, Poland, Germany and Russia and publishes approximately one article per country every couple of months. The website’s content is free of charge. – is the online continuation of the shut down print magazine The Baltic Course once known in the global business-press market. Publishes news in English and Russian on economic development in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia free of charge. The website of the monthly English language regional newspaper The Baltic Times. It covers the latest political, economic, business, and cultural events in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Some articles can be read free of charge, although the full version is available only for subscribers.

Estonia in English The website of the English language department of the Estonian Public Broadcasting service, publishing more than 20 news articles, press releases and opinion pieces in English each day. The English news section of the online version of the oldest print newspaper in Estonia, publishing a couple of translated stories of the most important Estonian news of the day. A global online magazine publishing several articles related to Estonia and the Estonian diaspora in English each week.

Latvia in English The website of the English language department of the Latvian Public Broadcasting service. Issues several mostly Latvia-related international news articles in English each day. (temporarily unavailable in July) A daily English language online magazine publishing a couple of business, political and travel articles each week. All content is free of charge. The website of the print magazine City Paper. Most of the online content is free of charge, although the full version is available only to subscribers. The website provides magazine and other articles about current affairs and culture in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Lithuania in English The website of the English language department of the Lithuanian Public Broadcasting service, publishing a couple of English articles each month on the most significant issues. A paid English online news subscription service by Lithuania’s largest online tabloid, Publishes a couple of articles on events in Lithuania and occasional stories about Estonia and Latvia each day although its content consists mostly of press releases and opinion pieces. A Facebook page managed by one dedicated American/Lithuanian posting any news in English related to Lithuania.