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Agency helped me during a journalistic investigation of the tense borders between Russia and the Baltic states and the success of my project was heavily influenced by them. The fixer they offered was a pleasant man to travel with as he was very knowledgable about his own country, its politics, culture and the place it has within a broader (geo)political spectrum. - Coen van de Ven, The Caravans Journal

I know Dionizas working with for a decade. He is a very smart, reliable journalist who has an in-depth knowledge of the region (history+geopolitical aspect). I recommend him as an excellent fixer for Lithuania & Kaliningrad: he does speak perfect English and Russian. - Prune Antoine, Freelance Journalist

Team of provided valuable support in finding the right assistance during several reporting trips. I recommend to contact Marian Männi starting to work in the Baltics, as she is very experienced and smart journalist. She offered me essential insights into issues which require local knowledge. The conversations we had while working together have inspired much of my writing. - Silvia Giannelli, Freelance Journalist

Working with Marian was a new, decisive and extremely positive experience. After years of collaborations all over the world, I was surprised by the quality of the work done by her, and by the humanity expressed even in the face of delicate issues such as those for my project. Exciting! - Paolo Marchetti, Freelance Photographer

I worked with during the documentary film shoot on Baltic arts. The fixer was in charge of scouting places for interviews and arranging appointments with interviewees. He stayed with the crew as they were in Lithuania, managed the schedule and handled translation. The fixer was involved in the project, receptive, and very helpful. - Jeanne Lebranchu-Mellin, Production Coordinator at Cinetevé


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